Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Death in the Bathroom....Foul Play Suspected

Last night, right after my hubby came upstairs to go to bed, we heard this thumping crash downstairs. He went back down, took a look around, and didn't see anything. He came back up and went to bed. This morning, while he was getting ready for work and I was packing his lunch for him, I opened the door to the downstairs bathroom and turned on the light. This is what I saw:

An autopsy revealed that the poor little snowlady had taken a fall from the top of the toilet tank where she had been standing and perished on the bathroom floor. She died immediately on the spot, due to blunt force trauma to, well, her entire rotund body. The "blood spatter" analysis was inconclusive, and her death was ruled as a possible suicide. I, myself, didn't buy the story. After the authorities left, I took a second look around.

I'm not sure, but I really don't think it was a suicide attempt on Snowlady's part...The Snowman on the other side of the tank looks just a little too happy, to me...In fact, Snowlady's hat is still on the tank!! If it were a suicide attempt, wouldn't it have landed on the floor with her?

Just to give you a little bit to chew on.