Thursday, July 12, 2007

Progress Update

Belly starting to show quite a bit...I don't think I was this big until I was about 5.5-6 months along with Tegwin. That's okay, though. ;-) It's all worth it. Energy levels still rising, walking more, can't tell if I'm still imagining the flutters from the outside or if it's gas. Never could tell with Tegwin, either, until she really started kicking. The tiny flutters do feel like gas bubbles, so I don't know whether it truly is the baby or if I'm going to--ahem, you know.

A second tester has finished her chemise. Again, rave reviews from another happy hubby. Yay! When I read her post in my google group, I was ecstatic. Today I am going to write to all my chemise testers to tell them to go ahead and post pics of their finished work on Crochetville (see sidebar for link). I want/need to see the reactions of others before I take it to the next step. Hopefully, I can finish mine and hang it on the dress form my friend, Linda, and I made. (I had forgotten about my "double" when I previously posted. *embarrassed grin*)

As far as my writing the bible goes, I haven't exactly stuck to the plan I originally laid out. I googled "Bible reading plans", and picked one that is a .pdf which is a 3-year plan. It has each chapter laid out individually (except Psalm 119, which is broken up about 44-48 verses/day for about 4-5 days), with little boxes right next to each one. I printed out this plan, and when I finish a chapter, I fill in the box. It's working quite well so far. It has been taking about 30-60 minutes to write just one chapter, but it also depends on the time of day (if it's naptime for Munchkin, I get it done in record time!) and what's going on--how many interruptions I get during the time I write. When B's home during the day (weekends), I try to get it done in the morning and have the rest of the day to clean, play w/ Teggy, whatever. If not, it's naptime.

So far, I have the first two chapters of Genesis done. Needless to say, I'm easily daunted by the amount of work required to accomplish this task, no matter how much time I've allotted to do so. After I printed up the reading plan, I took a look and examined what some of the "easier"--meaning, shorter--books might be. Mind you, I did not start with a single-chapter book/letter. I began with Ruth, then 2 John (a single-chapter ;-) ), now I'm on the 8th Chapter of Esther. Basically, I've been focusing on what marriage truly is, and how to be a good wife (yes, I know all about Proverbs 31, but I'll be getting to Proverbs after I finish Song of Solomon/Songs, which is going to be right after Esther).

Cool part is, since I've been doing this, I've been focusing on getting one more new task done around the house. I have purchased and potted a cinnamon basil plant (mmm! My favorite! Spicy, yet a bit tangy like regular sweet or Italian basil). I've been able to remember to do more of the things B has asked me to do (trust me, it used to be a long list, and that list is continuing to grow shorter--at least, it feels like it). I feel more "on top" of things lately, and I really think God is working through me with this. I'm keeping up with doing the laundry (though I still need to work on putting it away *rolls eyes*), washing the dishes and running the dishwasher, making bread, making the beds, watching the grocery budget (not buying pre-processed "junk", but actually buying natural "staples" like the typical milk, eggs, cheese, meat, and produce, and the only times I go into the center aisles is to get baking goods like flour and sugar, paper products, frozen veggies, things like that).

We've also started to eat a bit healthier, too. I've been trying to make wheat bread--unfortunately, it turns out to be either wheat goo or wheat crumbs in the bread machine. I might have to just start making it by hand so I get the correct consistency. B loves my veggie bread--I take a white bread base and add diced tomato, green bell pepper (which, God love him, B calls 'mango'), and freshly-shredded Swiss cheese. I make the dough in the machine, and I kneed a little amount of flour into it (it's very sticky, otherwise), form it into a round loaf and bake it for 40 minutes. Mmm!! Yummy! I made this loaf on Tuesday night, hoping it would at least last until the weekend. Nope...B finished it off last night. *sigh* The perfect compliment to the chef, I guess. This bread is wonderful if sliced, and each slice cut in half, then added with a couple thin slices of roast beef. Pop into the microwave about 15 seconds, and oh, my goodness! So divine! Y'all should try it!

Well, gotta go. Munchkin is about finished with her breakfast, so it's time to get her dressed for the day. God bless!