Thursday, December 07, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

Things have been quite busy around here. Last week, our dd had her first birthday, and we had her party on Saturday and my MIL and FIL's house. Strange kid, didn't like the paper or the boxes...she actually went straight for the toys inside! Lol. We had pizza for dinner, and she ate 1 1/2 pieces all by herself. Then, when we went for the cupcakes, she just wanted the frosting. She took her fingers and scraped off the frosting and put it in her mouth! She didn't even want to eat the cupcake itself! *sigh*

Of my hook this week have been: Several snowflakes. I've been making them for friends and family, and my pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. I've also been working on my challenge to Shelleden at the 'Ville, making Sock Monkey Hats whenever I'm not working on something else. I also need to keep working on my SILs' Christmas gifts...I'd say what they are, but you never know when they might be reading!! Shhhhhh.....!

So far, for the challenge, I have a pirate sock monkey, a ponytail monkey, a preemie monkey, a regular sock monkey, and in my head I have a few more... I'd say what my ideas are, but the recipients of these hats might be reading, and I don't want to give them away just yet! ;-) I also have a matching scarf that I've been trying to work on with the scraps that won't make a complete hat, so I hope that it comes out okay.

Oh yeah! It finally snowed here today!! My friend, Meron, would have loved to have seen it! We got about 1/2-3/4", and it stopped around 10:00, which was when dd and I finished eating breakfast. Since she has never played in the snow before, her daddy wanted me to take her out in it, just to see what she does. Well, I get her shoes on, and she's okay. I put on her mittens (she'd never worn them before) and she starts screaming because her hands disappeared! Then I put her in her coat--which she hates because it's still just a little too big for her, but it's the warmest thing she has right now--and that made her scream even harder. So, I don my own coat, grabbed my keys, put on my shoes, and opened the door, which made her quiet down. We go outside, and she starts walking toward the grass, only to fall down into slush. By now, I feel really bad for her and as if I'm the meanest mommy in the world by making her do this! She started to scream again, and tried to crawl, her coat making it very difficult. I sighed, picked her up, and tried to set her on her feet. She wanted none of that! So, we went to check the mail, and then came back inside. Again, my kid's weird! *sigh*

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