Friday, August 25, 2006


I took in my second of Christening dresses to Rue de Lily in Powell, and Karyn LOVED it!! Woohoo!! It looks a lot like the original one I designed, only I added a few more inches to the skirt, added long sleeves, and made it with white mercerized cotton thread. I hand-sewed the skirt lining, using French seams on linen fabric. It's gorgeous!! I also made an adaptation of the Baby Ankle Ties listed in Book 2 of Priscilla's Irish Crochet, making them a little more modern-looking, yet antique. Now, all I have to do is make white booties, line them with linen, and take them back up to the shop once they're done. Also, while we (my dd and I) were there, another lady who works occasionally for the shop owner suggested offering my wares to a little shop in Dublin, Ohio called Create, or something like that. Hmmm...I'll have to see...Perhaps I'll try after the Gahanna Flea Market next month. I really need to focus on products for that event first, then see how things go.

I made 8 more pairs of knitting needles yesterday for the Flea Market. The fobs range anywhere from roses, to circles, to berries, and such. I have a limited color supply of polymer clay, or I'd also try to make animals or even animal prints if I had only thought of buying oranges, browns, and yellows. Oh well. Out of that size of skewers, I only have 9 pairs left to make. Then, I'll start on the size 3 skewers, sorting them, sanding them, dying the bamboo, then I'll make the fobs to go with them, as well. The size 6 ones are turning out to be very cute, and I can't wait to see how well they do at the flea market. I can't decide if I'll display them in a milkglass vase, or in a basket--perhaps I'll do both? Hmmm...maybe I'll ask my CP friends to see what they suggest...

Tata for now...Next time, I'll try to write a tutorial on how to pick just the right doily patterns to make a doilyghan...It's very simple, but I have had people ask me how I know which ones are the right ones, or how to adapt a doily pattern to not have quite so much openwork.

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