Monday, September 18, 2006

New Inspirations...

Over the weekend, aside from the flea market, I also had a few inspirations for spring craft shows. I was going through my baby name books, trying to find a name for my first christening dress, when I ran across the name, Anona, which means 'pineapple' in Irish. Hmm...which got me thinking. The last time I went to Rue de Lily, Karen asked me to make a dress which had elastic in the bottom, kind of like a sleeper-sack. Hmm...combine the two together...Hmm...Great idea! So, my new WIP is a pineapple christening dress that is a sack and it will be named Anona. I have the skirt figured out, but as I'm writing down the pattern as I work, it may be a while. I have no idea how I am going to work the bodice yet, but it will come in time. I do have an idea for the bonnet. Get this: there is a pattern for a pineapple potholder somewhere here online. I will work several of these pineapples in thread, work them together like Irish lace motifs, and make a cap remeniscent of Anne Geddes-style hats. If I do this, the dress is going to be kind of frilly...I hope it won't look ridiculous, because I can't stand a lot of frou-frou. I prefer simpler, classy things, which appeal to wider audiences.
I also have two other goals which I hope to have completed before March.
Goal 1: Design and work a boys' christening outfit. Perhaps with knickers and a vest? There is a sad shortage of crochet patterns for this genre, and I realize the difficult task of making a crocheted item not look too girly. I feel I'm up to the challenge!
Goal 2: Design and work a doggie bag, inspired by this year's JCPenney Christmas catalogue and a chihuahua pattern I found online. I got a great deal on fun fur yarn at a local store, and thought, "hey, I can really try this!" Hobby Lobby also has purse straps which could pass for leads/leashes, and to disguise the opening, I would work in a sweater for the closure, using a standard magnetic snap. It sounds kind of corny, but it isn't, really. I saw so many people carrying their little dogs in purses, and actually pushing them in baby strollers!! *raises eyebrow* You never know...the idea could take off...

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!

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