Wednesday, September 20, 2006

WIPs and Chains and other things...

The work on the Anona dress is going quite slowly...then again, I keep going back and forth between working on it and working on a doggie bag. The bottom row of pineapples is almost finished, and I've decided I don't like my #10 hook. I think I prefer my #9, which is just a hair bigger, and, as it is an older Boye, much smoother. The 10 is a little too pointy.

The doggy bag I'm making is going to be used by my daughter when she goes trick-or-treating this year for the very first time. She's going to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and the dog I'm making is Toto. "Toto" will be her treat sack, if all goes well. If not, I'll use the extra gingham I bought yesterday to make her a matching sack to go with her dress. I can't wait to see how it comes out. I'd offer up a link to the JCPenney's catalogue to show you a picture of the bag I'm talking about, but there is not yet a picture available--at least, not until the 11th of October. They are very, very cute bags, and I hope my variation on them does just as well.

Today, i went to Toys R Us to look for a model for my dresses. (I'd have used my daughter, but she was too big for them already.) I found one for $21.99, and I think it was on sale. It looks a lot like my daughter, as well, so I just had to buy it. The first thing my daughter did when I took it out of the box was crawl on my lap and take the doll's bottle. She wouldn't get near the doll, nor would she let it touch her! Lol. I believe she felt threatened by it, not understanding that it was just a doll and not a real baby--probably because it was only a little smaller than she is! Don't worry, readers, I didn't tease her with it...I'm not cruel like that. I just held it up to her to see if she'd talk to it, like she used to 'talk' to other babies or dolls she plays with. I guess it just freaked her out. *shakes head*

Well, dear readers, I must bid you adieu, for now. I have to attend to my laundry and reorganize my projects so they don't drive me nuts.

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