Thursday, October 26, 2006


Many things have happened the last couple of weeks. I ran out of the Autumn Red yarn I needed to finish my FIL's afghan, so I'm trying to finish it in black...I'm hoping it turns out okay. Dh and I are Stargate fans, SG-1 and Atlantis. The other day, I was inspired, and I have started to design a Stargate Afghan...No, it's not the charted kind like someone else has made (I can't remember the lady who designed it--if you're reading this, please speak up!! :-) ), but it's going to be pieced together, much like a granny afghan. As soon as I can figure out some of the specs, I'll post the pattern here, that way I can share with other fans. (Hey, since the show's ending soon after 10 years, wouldn't it be neat to send each cast member a Gate-ghan? *wiggles eyebrows* I think it would be pretty darn cool, but I don't have the resources to do it myself. :-( )

I have completed the sweaters for my dd and niece, now I'm working on a sweater jacket for myself, which I hope to wear Sunday to church for my dd's dedication ceremony. It's the Baroque Lady's Jacket, available at, and also at Annie's Attic. I didn't have the funds to buy the yarn they recommended, so I used Bernat's Super Saver in Medium Antique Rose. It's turning out quite nicely, and I can't wait to wear it!!

I finally designed a bonnet and bootie set to go with my christening gown, which I've named Garcelle (it's French for "blooming"). Here are some pics, in which the complete set is modeled by my new doll:

If you'd like a copy of my pattern, feel free to email me at trinketsbytracey at (spelled out to protect from spammers) for more information. This will not be a free pattern, and I will give you the info necessary--right now, I'm trying to see what kind of response I would receive for it.

I must go now; I need to continue cleaning up before dh comes home from work. I hope to hear from you, readers, very soon!!


Yasmin said...

Thats a gorgeous cristening outfit. Beautiful design.

Anonymous said...

That is totally beautiful.