Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Journal

Alright...I made good on my idea to make a WIP journal...It's also my design journal...Although, up until today, I haven't put in any dates. *embarrassed grin* Lol. So far, I have my design of the Anona dress, plus, I found a bobbin lace tunic online...shouldn't be too hard to duplicate with crocheted motifs. I plan to miniaturize it to make a lace tunic for another Christening dress design I have in mind...perhaps make a bishop-style dress out of muslin, and work the tunic to put on top of it? We'll have to see. . . I found the perfect pineapple square for it, though! My dd and I went to a yard sale at a local church a couple weeks ago, and found some vintage little girls' bishop dresses, complete with smocking...I was thinking of using them as guides for the underdress pattern, making them with long sleeves instead of the short sleeves they have, while the tunic would have short sleeves with a couple pineapple motifs going around them. The pineapple squares would be the bodice, and hem of the skirt...Oooh! Wouldn't this also be pretty made with an organza or tulle skirt? Hmm...

I also have in it my Garcelle patterns, my outlines for the Stargate afghan pattern I'm also currently working on for a gal at Crochetville. It's amazing what one comes up with while watching television!! I also have in it schematics for other things, like the teapot pattern I've been working on for almost 2 1/2 years (still can't quite get it looking right), among other things.

This journal I hope to pass on to my children someday...all of them (once they're born and old enough) will learn to crochet, knit, and sew--even the boys (much to the chagrin of our more masculine friends). I also have probably about 1,000 or more patterns I've pulled off the web or J-hooks at stores, as well as many books that I have to pass on. My dd is our only child so far, and she seems to be interested in the yarn, thread, and hooks Momma 'plays' with all the fact, she helps me out by pulling it out of the skein or off the ball...Sometimes, she even helps me FROG my work, even when it doesn't need it!! Lol.

Well, my friends, I must go... the thought of the bishop dress is intriguing, so I'm going to work on another square to see if I can put them together!!

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