Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I definitely have a "bump" now, since I'm almost 6.5 months pregnant (Friday). We found out we are having another little girl, so Tegwin's quickly going to have to learn to share. Lol. My appetite is increasing, and up until this month, I hadn't really gained any weight, but when I went to my OB appt. yesterday, I had gained 6 lbs.! Ack! No wonder nothing fits any more!

Crochet-wise, I've also been quite busy. I started my mom's Christmas present, but I can't say what it is since she might read this, and I started a bed spread for Tegwin for when she's a little older. I have one block done, and I've almost finished the second, so I'll be connecting the two shortly and perhaps posting a picture of them together. My latest Christening dress design is FINISHED!!--well, excepting a few details on the bodice, but otherwise... :-) I'm very excited about this piece, but it's taking forever to finish working it up because it's a sack dress, worked bottom-up, in size 10 crochet thread, using a No. 9 steel hook. The skirt is in the pineapple stitch pattern, and the bodice is designed out of serpentine lace (just have to work on fastenings, sleeves, and the collar to finish it). Unfortunately, I do have to purchase more thread to finish it, which will have to wait until Friday on my monthly trip to Hobby Lobby. Within the MONTH I will be asking for testers on my forums to see if anyone's willing to tackle this extensive project. If someone were to purchase the actual finished dress, I'd ask for no less than $150, because of the amount of time I've put into the thing. If they're looking for just the pattern, I'm probably going to ask for about $5-7, due to the complexity of the pattern and the length of time it's taken me to design it. This pattern will be available for testing as of October 1st, and available for sale--hopefully--by New Year's or Valentine's Day (depending on the speeds of my testers ;-) ). A bonnet and bootie set will follow, hopefully by the time testing commences (I have a neat idea for the bonnet/cap, but am still working on the booties). I can't wait to share with the world this design! By far, it's my favorite. I just don't know if I can make this dress again, no matter how beautifully it's turning out to be!

I have decided to start knitting (gasp!) a baby blanket for the new little one. I was discussing this with an online friend (ExtremeKnitter), and I decided to knit the center in garter stitch (easy enough, I suppose), then crochet a pretty border around the edge to help it keep its shape. Hopefully, I can find another skein or two in the same colorway (pink, blue, and brown tweed) so I can finish it. I have two rows done (yuck! acryllic on plastic needles!), and it's going very slowly, but turning out nicely. Hopefully soon I can post a pic of my progress once it's a bit bigger. I was able to crochet 2 blankets for Tegwin, so i hope to be able to make at least two for this little one.

Well, I must go and take care of some business around the house before Tegwin wakes up from her nap. I hope my next update won't be too far behind!

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(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

I clicked over from crochetville. I'm new to crochet and can't wait to get so excited over yarn~or have the ability to create something beautiful with it! ((((HUGS)))))) sandi