Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yay! It's that time again at Crochetville!! The Spring Secret Pals Swap began this past Friday and will end in April. Can you tell I'm excited? I have a great Known Secret Pal (KSP) who is pretty dern cool. I can't tell you much about her just in case she happens to stumble across my blog. However, I can tell you that I'm going shopping today for a very special project for her. I just hope I can get it done in time! *grin*

My Unknown Secret Pal (UKSP) has already sent me a couple really sweet emails, plus a pretty cool e-card. She says she has a yarn stash the size of a small store. Hmmmm...I wonder what that must look like? Is it like this? If so, I'm insanely envious! Lol. She said she has a special project in mind for me...I wonder what it is? Anyhow, I look forward to hearing again from "Mrs. Crochet." :-)

On Friday, I went to Big Lots and they had 6 skeins of Patons Brilliant in Sparkling Rose for only $1!! What a steal!! I of course grabbed all 6 and brought them home (well, after paying for them of course! ;-) ). I searched on Ravelry for just the perfect pattern. I decided to make the Luna Moth Shawl found on Elann's website. I'm using size 6 straight knitting needles, and discovered that I'm also going to need a circular as well. *sigh* Oh well, that just means that while I'm out shopping for my KSP, I can pick up an inexpensive one at JoAnn's (where I'm going, anyway).

I've also been researching interchangeable knitting needles. I've discovered that the Boye set I was considering has a lot of bad reviews...Not only that, but it doesn't come with the smaller sizes. Neither does the Denise set (I hate plastic, anyway!) or the KPOptions or Harmony, which pretty much covers most of the interchangeables. I think I'm going to save up and get the Harmony set down the road, and purchase the smaller needle tips separately to go along with it. I really enjoy lace knitting, so the smaller pieces are important. Not only that, but with two little ones in the house, the smaller needles will help make lots of socks and hats. I can't use the Options or sets similar to it, nor can I use any Addis (unless they're bamboo) because of the whole nickel thing. It stinks, because the Options set is less expensive and it looks cool. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll just make my own. (Don't put it past me, because I just might! Lol.)

Well, time to get cracking on the shopping. I have to get the little ones ready so that the baby can eat when we return. I hope not to be out too long. Yeah, right! Rofl. I know myself too well! :-D

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