Friday, June 09, 2006

Oooh! The Agony!

It's been a few days since my last posting, and for that I apologize. I've been trying to update since Wednesday, but the blogger site was down. However, I do have exciting things to share!

If any of you ever visit Powell, Ohio, go to Trends @ 21 on West Olentangy St. They have lots of delicious, yummy yarns, and they're phasing them out! They're getting rid of all of it, and right now, it's 50% off! They carry Tahki, Great Adirondak (very difficult to get around here!) and a few Italian lines I cannot remember! There's even a beautiful Cashmere, but since it's $82 for a skein (or $41 on sale), there's no way I can afford it right now. I wanted to spend hours just rolling in the stuff! Most of the fibers are hand-painted, and there are some synthetics there, too. *sigh* Hence, the agony of it all!

Also, in a couple weeks I will be returning to an adorable little shop on the same street called Rue de Lily. Karyn (the owner) is interested in seeing some of my work, so I'm working on a couple christening gowns (one of my own design) and doilyghans to see how they do in her store. I hope she likes them! Unless my best friends read this, I'm going to surprise them if Karyn does accept what I'm offering. A few days before we have a girls' day out, I will deliver my packages to Karyn, and then take my friends in there that weekend and just "happen" upon the items! I can't wait! I'm praying with all my might that my work sells, because dh and I could really use the money. When I get the bodice done of my dress, I will try to upload pics...

The Nosegay doilyghan is coming along nicely...I've started one in white (the yellow and green one is on hold) so I can take it to Rue de Lily and try to sell it with the dresses. I've had to make a few changes, so for those of you who are crocheting it with me, I'll update in a bit how I altered it to make the openwork just a tad smaller to make the blanket safe for little ones.

Well, dear readers, I must bid you adieu for now...I need to take dd to the grocery store so we have something for lunch! Wish me luck!

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Liz said...

Hi Tracy!
My name is Liz and I discovered your place this evening. I love your Baby pretty. Has your baby worn it yet?

What I picked up on here was your mention of Powell,Ohio. Years and years ago we bought a house in Powell,Ohio. It's a big white 2 story on Case Ave...right there in town. My youngest daughter was born there. So many wonderful memories there.
I have a neice still living in Powell. Her name is Tina and she says Powell has grown since I left back in 1974. Back then there was nothing there...well not too much. I'm so proud to hear there's yarn shops there.

I'll stay tuned here,looks like you've got some pretty pattern ideas going.

Hugs,Liz Parsons
nanieliz_1999 AT