Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pics and Updates

Yay! I finally have some pics! Here is one of the white Nosegay Doilyghan. I haven't worked very far on it--only halfway through round 5 (I got a lot further on the Limon Sherbet one, though!). Kind of looks like a squid or an octopus if you hold it up by the center! For those of you who have expressed interest in crocheting along, on round 4, I only chained 23, and skipped the dc in between the picots--I slip-stitched there instead. This was to decrease the size of the openwork so that if a baby were laying on it or playing with the blanket, he or she would not shove an arm or leg through it (like mine would! *wink*). If you are crocheting along, you may send me pictures of your progress and I'll post them here for everyone to see. I'd love to see the different variations, as I'm sure others would, too!

Also, I have been working like a mad woman designing a christening gown to take to Rue de Lily. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week. I plan to line the dress with linen, and weave ribbons through the bodice for smocking, as well as for a tie in the back. So far, here are pics of the bodice before I started the skirt last night.

It took me forever, but I decided on an openwork lace skirt with flowers and trellis. I only have part of two rows completed, but I'm going to continue it until it's about 18" long. Then comes the daunting task of deciding whether or not I will work up a simple trim for a hem, and then figuring out how I want to do the sleeves. Since this dress is working up fairly quickly, I might make one for my dd if there is time before her dedication next month.

Right now, the dress is being worked in 100% mercerized cotton, natural color. I forget which brand it is, because I bought the thread a year or so ago to make a different christening dress for a friend's daughter, and unfortunately the label was thrown out. I had not yet discovered it is best to save labels and place them in a notebook with my patterns so that I know what it was and how to launder it! *sheepish grin* Oh well. My next task today is to go to JoAnn's, Etc. to find suitable buttons and about a yard of natural unbleached linen to make a liner for the skirt of the dress. If it turns out the way I expect it to, I might make the pattern available for sale--but I haven't decided on this yet. I need to pray about it, and if there's enough interest in the pattern--well, we'll just have to wait and see!

Well, readers, I must go. I need to type up the pattern so I can read it a little better as I'm working...I like to scratch things out a lot when I rectify my mistakes, and it makes things a little illegible as I try to read it again. Hopefully soon, I will return to update. My goal is to update at least once per week (I originally wanted to update every day, but with a teething 6-month-old, that's a little unrealistic! *grin*), so if I update in a couple days, we'll be set! Good-bye for now!


knitncycle said...

Hey! Great progress on the Nosegay. I have a silly question. I'm up to round 9 and one of the instructions is Ch S. I have no idea what this means. Do you think it's a typo or am I missing something? Thanks much! Alicia

Tracey said...

Alicia: I believe it may be a 3, because that's what was toward the beginning of the round. I'm on rnd 9 in the Limon colors, and that tripped me up a bit, too. Let me know if there are any other questions, so I can pass them on to the gal who added the pattern to the site. Thanks for reminding me about that! --Tracey

knitncycle said...

Thanks much! That's just gotta be a typo. I'll post a pic of my progress to my blog this week!