Saturday, June 03, 2006

YAA (Yarn Addicts Anonymous)

For those who are reading this, I'm compiling a list of "You know you are a yarn addict when..." and will publish the entire list here on my blog. If you would like to add to the list, just comment and I'll put them together.

As far as my challenge is going, I have two takers. Anyone else?

My update on the challenge: I am almost done with round four. After this, I'm changing from pale yellow to lime green for a couple rounds. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's finished!

I am also working on a hard copy crochet portfolio to take to the craft show/flea market in September. I didn't realize how many photos I still have to take! Yikes! I was reading the October Archive of CP yesterday, and found many wonderful ideas on how to display items for things such as that. When I get paid for my second baby doilyghan, I will invest in some baby hangers (green and white), as well as some adult-sized plastic hangers (again, white) so I can crochet around them for display pieces, as well as parts of the packages when folks take them home. Anyone else have ideas?


Mitzy :) said...

Here's one for you Tracey:

You know you're a yarn addict when: You call up the local AC Moore to have the sales girl give you the name of a yarn that you saw the day before. You can tell her EXACTLY where it is, the fiber content, & price, but not the name. You then email it to another yarn addict to get her hooked! By the way, the yarn I'm talking about is Quellon. Check it out! :)

maureen said...

Dear Tracy, working with the Michigan Weavers Guild for many years, and doing spinning and felting, plus weaving, my suggestion would be to steam the sweater with a towel over the sweater to flatten it out. and then take it apart. Let me know how it turns out.Maureen

jackie said...

when you go to the yarn/ craft store and buy up all the clearance yarn(all brands ,types, textures)even though your stash is bulging at the seams and don't have any wips in mind for any of the clearance yarn. so true for me, i did this today and didn't need any yarn!thanks jackie/

jackie said...

when you go to the craft store and buy up all the clearance yarn they have, even though you don't need yarn,and have no certain plans for it. but you know our motto "there is no such thing as too much yarn. thanks jackie